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HSDM 1012 Allan Gardiner's Accordion Band Memories 1 VG/VG  
X 4040 Allan Gardiner's Accordion Band Saturday Night 1 VG/VG  
2MS-026 Bid's Accordion Band 80 Great Accordion Hits 1 double VG/VG  
LC 6819 Billy May & his Orchestra Sorta-Dixie 1 Gd/VG  
Guitar     Cvr/Disc  
  The Royal Guitar Ensemble Golden Guitar 1 VG/Ex  
LBY 1203 Tommy Garrett 50 Guitars Go Italiano 1 Gd/VG  
WR 9079 Susan Drake Echoes of a Waterfall 1 VG/VG  
WWS 8505 Ferrante & Teicher & their Orche Golden Piano Hits 1 Av/Gd  
R 6092 George Greeley his Piano and Or Piano Rhapsodies of Love 1 Gd/Gd  
WC 5056 Billy May and The String Choir The Shearing Touch - Great Piano Favourites 1 VG/VG  
WR 2406-2 Katchen, Gulda, Kempff, Katin Favourite Piano Music 1 double VG/VG  
WD 3233 Pascal Roge (Piano) The Piano Music of Maurice Ravel - Vol 1 1 VG/VG  
WD 3239 Pascal Roge (Piano) The Piano Music of Maurice Ravel - Vol 2 1 VG/VG  
WD 3247 Pascal Roge (Piano) The Piano Music of Maurice Ravel - Vol 3   VG/VG  
L-45561/2 Enoch Light & the Light Brigade Big Hits of the Seventies 1 double VG/VG Quad
CD4B 5009E s.Arima and New Creators Eleanor Rigby - Rock & Drums 1 VG/VG Discrete CD4
QUAD 1017 Tony Hatch & His Orchestra Hits Symphonic 1 Gd/Gd  
  Average White Band Average White Band - Quadra Disk CD4 1 Av/VG $25.00
SBPQ 474 112 Simon and Garfunkel Bridge Over Troubled Water 1 VG/VG  
Test Records        
SPJL 932.865 Project 3 - Enoch Light Testing 1-2-3-4 - Stereo test Record 1 Gd/Av  
SOEX 9479 Studio 2 Stereo Impact 1 Gd/VG  
  Wayne and Shuster Selected short subjects 1 Dam/Ex  
  Bill White Farm Metric Moments 1 Gd/Ex  
  Dave Barry Laughs for Losers 1 VG/Ex  
  12 inches of Les Les Patterson 1 VG/Ex
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  Bob Hope On the Road to Vietnam 1 Gd/VG  
KLL 1775 Don Ameche & Frances Langford The Bickersons 1 VG/VG  
CO 506 Connoisseur Series Laughter Unlimited Vol One 1 VG/VG  
CO 526 Connoisseur Series Laughter Unlimited Vol Two 1 VG/VG  
CO 533 Connoisseur Series Laughter Unlimited Vol Three 1 VG/VG  
  Various Artists The Way We Were - Hits of the 30's 1 VG/Ex  
  Original Artists Every Great Motown Song - 1st 25yrs 1 Ex/Ex  
STML 6196/7 Original Artists No1 Hits from Twenty Years at Motown 1 Av/VG  
2MS 016 Music World The Perfumed Garden 1 VG/Ex  
WR 2742-2 Jane Asher & Margaretta Scott Alice in Wonderland 1 double Ex/Ex  
  Albert Gillett Church Organ Favourites 1 Gd/Ex  
  Various Artists Godspell 1 Ex/Ex  
  Jim Muir My Religions not old fashioned 1 Ex/Ex  
  Various Artists Requiem for Peace 1    
LL 1044 The Boones Heavenly Love 1 VG/Ex  
RS 50007 George Beverly Shea The Holy Land 1 Av/Av  
ZRG 5365 The Choir of King's College, Cambridge Evensong for Ash Wednesday 1 VG/Ex  
SPR19 (VP471) The Orpheus Choir Orpheus Choir 1 VG/VG  
WM 9240 The Orpheus Male Choir Rhos Hymns of Glory 1 VG/VG  
WR 5192 The Choir of Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford O For The Wings Of A Dove 1 VG/VG  
WR 9060 Jennifer Bate, Organ, St Andrews, Plymouth An English Choice 1 Ex/Ex  
WE 3201 La Schola Des Peres Du Saint E Gregorian Chant from Easter Liturgy 1 VG/VG  
WE 2072 Louis Fremaux & Birmingham Symphony Orchestra Walton: Te Deum & Gloria 1 VG/VG  
6514 151 Jessye Norman Jessye Norman sings Sacred Songs 1 Gd/Gd  
ABCD 960 Mac Gayden Hymn to the Seeker 1 GD/VG  
MCLP 6144 Sir Paul Dukes Keep Young and Healthy - 14 exercises in Yoga 1 VG/VG  
S2BP 220249 Jane Fonda Jane Fonda's Workout Record 1 double VG/VG